The basic paint job was a few coats of primer, then a few coats of Royal Blue enamel from a spray can. The yellow stripe was applied with a brush, helped with masking tape. Regular masking tape was too sticky and removed the blue paint when peeled off, but proper painters ‘green’ tape was much better; less sticky when peeled off. The paint was signwriter’s “One Shot” yellow enamel.

I drew the side access doors in Adobe Illustrator using a light and shade technique to give the illusion of depth, particularly around the louvers and latches. The artwork was printed on a colour laser printer and attached to the paintwork with a gluestick. From a short distance, the illusion seems to work OK.

I also drew the VR logo and wings in Adobe Illustrator, printed them and carefully contoured around the wings with a craft knife and glued them onto the paintwork with a gluestick. It was not possible to get the laserprint yellow to match the vibrance of the One Shot signwriting paint, although the Royal Blue was a more successful match.

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Balsa Beginnings
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The (almost) Complete Balsa Model
3D Cab Interior modelling and painting
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