Recumbent tricycle headlight mounts

A friend of mine has a recumbent tricycle and wanted to mount a couple of bicycle headlights. I designed a mount in Lightwave 3D and 3D printed two; one for the left, and the other for the right side. Due to the symmetric design, the printed parts could be mounted on either side, negating the need to produce left right versions. 

In another project, I made a sunshield for the recumbent’s electronic display unit.

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Lightwave 3D parts. The shaft was made hollow to save material, and SuperGlued onto its bracket. Both halves of the brackets were designed to clamp onto the mirror supports; with each mount’s brackets being held together with four bolts.


3D printed PLA parts, with the shaft SuperGlued into place.


Left side mount fitted to the mirror support bar.
The second mount was fitted to the right mirror support.