Miscellaneous Stuff

This is a page for miscellaneous projects, with minimal description.
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Sliding door runner

Old (broken) and new 3D printed replacement, designed in Lightwave


Extension Pole Pivoting-Head Joint

This is a pivoting joint adapter for brush tools, to fit the head of an extendable cleaning pole from Aldi.
I had lost the original joint, so modelled a replacement in Lightwave.
This is my first attempt at modelling a screw thread and socket. It actually worked!For reliable printing, 3D Objects need to be ‘watertight’; all the outer surface polygons need to be joined properly without any gaps. It’s as if the model was designed to hold water – any leaks, and there may be unpredictable results with the 3D print. Modeled objects are exported as STL files, which are then loaded into a program like Cura to be processed into Gcode, which the printer can understand.

Dodgy STL files mean poor Gcode and disappointing prints. ‘FormWare‘ is a great online fix for dodgy STL files. It’s free, although they encourage donations, which I don’t mind because I think it’s worth it. FormWare is easy to use and the results are excellent.

Below: The blue object represents the original dodgy STL file I uploaded; the green is the fixed result, ready for downloading and processing into useable Gcode for printing. Visually they look the same, but the info screen reveals all the problems detected and fixes made.


Mac Mini Docking Station Caddy

As everything is so lightweight, it’s too easy to push the computer and dock around on the desk when plugging anything in. The solution is to join the units together with a custom designed 3D printed caddy. The base of the caddy is designed for attaching rubber feet on each corner on the under side, to stop the caddy slipping on the desk.

The small cabled USB dock was eventually removed, so now there’s no cable permanently connected to the front of the main dock, but the small hole remains.  I revised the design to have snap-off hole covers, but never got around to printing it.