Recumbent & eBike display sunshield

My friend’s recumbent tricycle has undergone an electric conversion. The display screen needed a sunshield. I had already produced a couple of headlight mounts for the trike using Lightwave 3D for the design, Cura for slicing and a Snapmaker A350 for the 3D printing… same combo for this project.

Click images below for larger views

Lightwave 3D. Designed as two sections to be SuperGlued together.


Printed parts from Snapmaker A350. A small amount of support material was needed for the lower section, making it look like a mini-washboard!


Sections SuperGlued together. Printing in two sections used much less support material than would have been needed in order to print the sunshield as one piece.


Sliding a completed sunshield over an eBike display.


Sunshield fitted to the same model display on the recumbent.