Thunderbird 3

Thunderbird 3, Lightwave modelling and 3D plastic print.
Printed model is 435 mm tall – 1:200 scale of the
height TB3 is supposed to be at 87 m (287′).
Modelling resources included graphics and data from web sources,
plus the Thunderbirds video DVD set.

Click images for larger views


Modelling in Lightwave 3D


Lightwave render composite in driveway


3D prints – parts


Laser printed water transfer decal sheet. As I don’t have a laser printer with white toner, I had to send away my design to a commercial decal print service. The sheet cost about $35 including postage and arrive in a couple of days!

I made laser printed paper decals to test size and placement before ordering the water transfer sheet.


3D print partially assembled.
Parts were made to fit closely together and Superglued in place.
Black stripes on the ‘wings’ are strips of electrical insulation tape.
An earlier attempt at painting the stripes did not produce
satisfactory results due to the paint bleeding along the print lines.
If the model had been smooth finished with body filler and sanding,
painting would have been successful.