Qantas 707 Model – Engine Repair

This travel agent’s model of a Qantas 707 turned up at a bric-a-brac shop. Unfortunately it has had a hard life – cracked fuselage, decals scraped and flaking and two engines missing. After much thought regarding whether to repair and restore it or not, I decided to keep it in its current condition, but to 3D print a new pair of engines.

Click images below for larger versions

The new engines were designed in Lightwave 3D

…and printed on an Cocoon Touch 3D printer

I didn’t really want to change the remaining parts of the model, so rather than file the pylon stumps to suit the new parts, I made the new parts to suit the existing broken pylons.

An engine print with its ‘raft’ of support material still attached.

Part of the smoothing process involved cycles of sanding the plastic and adding automotive body filler ‘bog’ and layers of primer paint.

Gradually building up bog and shaping it to suit the broken engine pylon


Experimenting with paint colours. It was difficult to match, as the weathering of the model has caused the original silver paint to turn a slight yellowish-green… a very slight bronze colour.


Short of a full restoration, this will do for the moment.

Below: A pristine version at the air museum in Adelaide. Museums Victoria also have a mint condition model in their collection.