Qantas Boeing 787 Dreamliner 3D Print

Qantas Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner 3D printed model 1:100 scale (58c cm long) I bought the STL files from an online 3D library. The creator had designed and printed his model at 1:72 scale, making it 77 cm in length, but I opted for a smaller print to save plastic and print time.

Click images for larger views


Printed parts formed from PLA plastic on a Snapmaker 2 A350 3D printer


Flight deck and forward fuselage section prior to gluing with SuperGlue 

The model STL files were provided for a gear up or gear down version – I opted for gear down.

The stand base was a but plain, so I added the Boeing logo and 787 using Lightwave 3D.




Printed engine fans with support material still attached. Although unpowered, the fans are to be able to turn freely inside the nacelles.


The window ‘glass’ was formed with Kristal Klear. It’s like PVA glue, but thicker. It’s applied by smearing it over a window hole with a toothpick… goes on white and dries clear.


It took a little bit of practice to apply the Kristal Klear just thick enough to form a skin, but not too thin so the skin would pop.

Glued parts were sprayed with many layers of spray putty and sanded smooth in between coats. This eventually hid join lines.


As I don’t have any way to print white decals, the white Kangaroo logo on the red tail was formed by making a paper Kangaroo mask, which was glued on to the white tail paint with a glue stick. After the tail was sprayed red, the paper mask was wetted down with water and rubbed off.

Masking up for spray painting the tail. The masking tape is Frogtape Yellow, for delicate surfaces. It worked well and didn’t pull off any paint when removed. The Kangaroo logo mask is still in place.

The paper Kangaroo logo mask has been rubbed off.


The stand arm turned out to be too weak for the weight of the plane (about 600g). After a failed attempt at strengthening the arm with a custom designed stick-on 3D part, I redesigned a new stand. I this photo the plane has an unwanted bank!